A copywriter's role

Topic : Copywriting

Attempting to answer this question proved to be more difficult than first expected, not because it was too complex, but because it is hard to explain and encompass all the  nuances and subtleties of such a role. The shortest and simplest answer, is to write or deal with everything that has to do with written content, online or offline. But it is much more than that. Unlike journalism, a copywriter is not limited to only bringing news and current events to the page, but creatively weave words into a message that conveys whatever the client wants it to convey.



When thinking of what copywriters do, the first thing that comes to mind is marketing or advert copy for a variety of companies that wish to promote and market their business; which is true, all copywriters have done and continue to write promotional material. This part of the job is but a small percentage of the role. Marketing implies and requests, researching the target audience and creating mottos that grab and attract attention.


Researching is also a very important part of the writing process, and can take up a lot of time, sometimes even more than the actual writing, which is understandable, since sometimes the topics that must be covered require a certain technical knowledge that are not easily accessible to everyone. In this case, the copywriter must conduct research and communicate with his client and experts that can provide the reasonable amount of expertise in order to conveys the necessary information.


As today’s technology evolves and internet is more prevalent in society, writers have moved their content in the online medium; that has proved to be a very powerful tool in better understanding and connecting with the audience. Social media sites, blogs and emails, offer writers a very useful platform onto which they can easily and quickly assess certain aspects of their readers, and mold their copy, so as to better communicate a certain message.


Depending on who the message is addressed to, the tone of the of the text may vary; some might be informative, others will only serve to provide web content for a particular web page that requires text to accompany the backbone of the website.


The last part of any writing process is editing and revising. The first draft might not be the version that will end up online. Rereading it will offer a good insight into the way the message was formulated, and also reveal parts that must be improved. In addition to their own content, copywriters will also require to edit, revise and maybe even proofread other written content provided by others.


All these facets of a copywriter’s responsibilities, underline the basic expectations and skills that go into writing and creating a coherent piece.