Benefits of SEO

Topic : Copywriting

When starting out online, whether with a social account, blog, or a website the need for content plays a very important part in all of them. Written word, in the form of articles, titles, description or tags is the glue that holds together every other form of content such as video or pictures. Copywriters will make relevant and eloquent articles, while SEO articles will make it visible in search results.


Now that we have reached the most predominant word in online writing we must, therefore take a closer look at it, and by it, I mean SEO. The name is an acronym for search engine optimization. Search engines need relevant links and description to list results when someone types in a query. The higher the result on the page, the more views that particular website has, and increased traffic helps it’s popularity and growth.


In most cases, people tend to think of SEO as those annoying repetitive articles, which in some cases they are true; but we have come along way since those kind of articles were circulating the web. Now it’s all about originality and quality. You can’t expect good results with a choppy text that reminds you more of a broken record stuck on a few keywords that it’s trying to promote. Everything must be presented in a more digestible form. SEO can also be applied to links. Though there are link shortening tools, it is prefered that they be created short and relevant from the start. A shorter link has to be more than just short, it also has to be relevant to the page it is taking the viewer to.


Researching keywords can also be useful when conceptualising SEO text, like a list of targeted words that need to be included in order to better promote them. Having them clearly established will outline a certain boundary. When establishing these words, a keen understanding of the the target audience is needed. This can be done by understanding what people type in a search engine when trying to find something specific. For example, if you are selling pies online, it is advised to use words like “baking” or “pastry, this combined with pictures also labeled in the metadata will ensure a better visibility online.


Also when writing SEO articles, it’s advised to also put up a blog and/or a social account in order to better promote a business and keep in touch with clients and potential future business opportunities.


SEO can be more than just promotional text, some businesses may list their location on google maps so that people can easily find it. This too is a preemptive SEO technique.


Competition for results online is fierce and understanding basic principles of web crawlers is a most important part. Researching and dedication will yield results, consistency in putting out content can sometimes be tedious, but it is the thing that search engines will appreciate the most and thus recognize the value it presents.