Researching for content

Topic : Copywriting

Everyday exposure to information and content from the internet, can sometimes feel overwhelming due to the sheer amount of it all, so trying to be unique in this environment can be hard, especially for people whose job is to produce unique and engaging pieces of writing. Not only that but a lot of the time the ability to write about things they may not be experts about can be difficult. This is where research comes into play.


From talking to the owner to google searching and comprising list after list of terminology with explanations, researching will be the first step and will encompass the entire thought process.


Finding out the main thing to write about can seem like a huge obstacle in the way sometimes, like this high mountain that needs to be climbed in order to get to a serene valley on the other side. You find yourself thinking: Where to start? How to start? This part, too can be determined through research. For example focus on the who part; Who are you addressing? This can help split the audience into different demographics like age or gender groups. With this in mind, we can learn about what those specific people are interested in by analyzing search engine queries, online polls or by gathering information from social media profile pages and likes. Gathering all this information will outline a basic topic.


The basic topic drawn out, will serve as an anchor for the main idea that will be outlined. After establishing a topic, brainstorm, throw out as many ideas that come into your mind, it doesn’t have to be spot on, because not all of them will be included, but they might help shine a light on a better idea, and maybe even serve as the basis for a different article.


At a certain point references might need to be provided, maybe on subjects that the writer is not an expert in. This situation requires an even more in depth research, such as the accuracy of the references used. For instance, if I were to write about a certain historic event, I would need to find sources from academic studies written by qualified historians. Providing references may seem like a thing one does when writing midterm papers for college, but we can’t all be engineers or doctors,what we can do is offer them a voice, by gathering a lot of information from them through research.


Having collected a reasonable amount of information, the quest for finishing this mosaic of knowledge begins. Structuring everything in a neat and well organized format is something that also needs a bit of research. Bare in mind that, people already have short attention spans as is, and with online content it can be even shorter, so long, drawn out texts with unfamiliar over complicated words and distant tone, will not keep them interested. Shorter and relatable content is the way to go, maybe even with a few images as visual representations.


All in all, after all the hard work and effort, your text will be ready to be sent out into the world and be read and shared, and you will move on to the next one and start researching a different topic.