The importance of web content

Topic : Copywriting

The internet has taken over the world. Online traffic has increased exponentially over the last decade, and this massive growth has drastically influenced the way we navigate the web. As more and more people are starting to gain a voice and a presence online, the value of a well written text increases.


A good design needs a good copy, as a sort of partener in arms, to complement each other and stand out as a whole. Having only a good design would prove fruitless if no one can see it. One can argue that the web is full of visual media in the form of pictures and videos as well as podcasts and audio content, but they are also accompanied by a written description and tags that make them visible online. On their own they offer too little context, but along with a coherent and clear written message, they evolve to form a homogenous structure.


Creating video content or podcasts also require a certain amount of planning and writing, in order to smoothly carry out the message one may wish to convey.


Besides being visible on the web, a text must also catch the reader’s eye and keep him engaged. Honest and relatable writing can shine a favourable light on an article and entice the audience. It also needs to compete with numerous other articles already written and published. To do that, a text requires authenticity, and readability. Correct grammatical spelling and avoiding jargon or complicated lingo guarantees that it can be easily read by a wider audience.


As for authenticity, well that may prove the most difficult part to accomplish. Even though this interconnectivity through the internet is relatively new, the fact that it grew so quickly and is so readily available to so many people around the world, it seems that everything that could be written has already been written; competition for originality is therefore even more fierce. Trying to stand out from the crowd we may try and look at a subject from a different angle, or write something in a more humorous way.


Every search engine’s job it to scan the web, find content and file everything neatly into a list of results. Writing content for the web can turn into a good opportunity to subtly include a variety of search engine optimized text, and thus help increase the website’s popularity, such that the results are higher on the list.


All the effort of writing and making strategies for marketing, planning content for the future and being consistent, will yield results in the long run.